Back and Greener Than Ever

After a hiatus that was much longer than I intended, I’m back! Once you stop doing something it gets harder and harder to start it up again, and I began seeing this blog as an obligation instead of a passion project. It was a burden to try to create content when I wasn’t really sure of the direction I wanted it to go in, but now I have a better perspective and I’m ready for an overhaul and relaunch of Urban Conserve.

I first started this blog as a school project, and I knew I wanted to write about the environment, but that’s such a broad topic and it was hard to narrow it into a precise direction. I tried writing about sustainability in my hometown of Cincinnati, calling the blog Urban Conserve, but then I sort of expanded to conservation and sustainability throughout the world, then tried to shrink it back to just Cincinnati while throwing in some DIY projects. It was a headache, and I felt like I was missing out narrowing my blog into such a tiny space. There was no room to grow.

Now, I know I want to write all-encompassing posts about urban conservation topics and news that affect cities and the environment. So now at Urban Conserve, you will find broader green posts, but with the same urban angle. You will still find DIY tips and tricks in addition to environmental news and features because you are still a large part of creating a sustainable Earth.

So past and new readers, welcome to the new Urban Conserve!


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