Greener Than We Seem

If you caught the Enquirer this Sunday you have may have seen their article in the Local section “Greener Than We Seem”. I’ve said it many times before here on the blog, but I’ll repeat it. Cincinnati may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about going green, but as the article argues we really deserve some recognition. We’re 10 years ahead of our fellow Midwestern cities. Since I’ve started this blog my eyes have been opened to the great green initiatives we have here, but my readers have also showed some knowledge on the subject and have weighed in on their favorite  green Cincinnati attractions:

I wrote a post awhile back about the Cincinnati Zoo’s green initiatives. One great one I failed to mention was the zoo’s African Savanna exhibit. One of my readers, Marisa, wrote:

Did they tell you about the Sahara they’re making that’s going to have lions? It’s the fenced off area by the giraffes and flamingos. It’s apparently going to be *super* green-friendly.

The Savanna exhibit is projected to receive LEED Platinum certification when completed. This is huge accomplishment for an animal exhibit.

Cincinnati is also home to many businesses that sell fair trade goods. My reader, Holly wrote:

I also want to give a shout out to Trader Joe’s, a grocery store you left off your list. Trader Joe’s is the most fair priced store of the whole “natural” lot. Plus, the majority of its food and products are sourced locally. I love it.

I always manage to forget about Trader Joe’s out near Kenwood Mall, but I had no idea they sold fair trade items plus local food. It’s great to see that not just specialty shops in Cincinnati are committed to sustainability, fair trade and buying and selling local.

Finally we have places devoted to urban, community garden. Holly also wrote:

I love urban and community gardening! I suggest checking out the Civic Garden Center. They do great community gardening work for the communities around Cincinnati! Very inspiring.

The Civic Garden Center on Reading Road has a long history of philanthropy and advocacy for community. It’s the second oldest non-profit civic garden center in Ohio. In 1981 it became a center for community outreach, having volunteers from the neighborhood join and maintain the gardens. Its success encouraged other programs like it around the country.

So while we don’t have the flash that other cities may have when it comes to being green, Cincinnati is very much worthy of being called a “green city”. With our subtlety and ingenuity, we are leaders for a greener generation.


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