Allow Me to Introduce Myself

New York City Metro with a green roof

Welcome to Urban Conserve!

Urban Conserve is a blog dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle in both urban and suburban neighborhoods. Along with do-it-yourself advice and tips, I want to include news in the green developments in Cincinnati, the country and the world and craft them into ways to apply to the everyday.

According to Global Health Facts, nearly 80% of the United States’ population lives in urban and suburban neighborhoods. Those numbers can have potentially devastating results if we live without consideration for our world. It’s our responsibility to reduce the damaging toll on the environment that city living can have.

More than ever, city dwellers are implementing ways to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. City planners and builders are also taking their part, especially here in Cincinnati with ideas like the proposed bike trail down along the Ohio riverfront to reduce the need for vehicle transportation. If everyone made one small lifestyle change, whether it be to start recycling or to try walking or biking more, we could have a positive impact on the Earth.

This is my mission in writing Urban Conserve. I want to get the message out there that it is possible to live sustainably in a city or suburb. My focus will be mainly on Cincinnati since this lovely city is where I call home, but many of my posts can be applied to everyone. Also posts on Cincinnati green initiatives could inspire non-Cincinnatians to look into their city’s projects and see if they’re doing anything similar, and if not they could possibly campaign to start making their city a little greener. Urban conservation should be a universal initiative.

So thanks for stopping by Urban Conserve! Stay tuned for my next post on five of the great projects the Cincinnati Zoo has implemented to promote conservation!